I love PU: Pesaro Chamber of Commerce on FAI Spring Days


22 marzo 2015

I felt quite an odd feeling this morning upon entering the building of the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro and Urbino as a ‘visitor’ on a guided tour. As a matter of fact, I happen to enter this building at least once a week for work and I never felt I had the ‘privilege’ of crossing a historical building (maybe because Fascist architecture is something I could easily live without?). Anyway, it was thanks to FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano – usually referred to in English as ‘Italian National Trust’) and thanks to the Chamber of Commerce of Pesaro and Urbino if this morning I got acquainted with the names of two Roman architects – Mario Paniconi and Giulio Pediconi – who won the competition to build the ‘Palazzo dell’Economia Corporativa’ (‘Building of Corporate Economy’ better known today as Chamber of Commerce) in 1933. The building is one of the few modern and rationalist buildings erected in the Marche region between WWI and WWII. Inside, in the so-called ‘Sala del Collegio Mercantile’ or ‘Sala del Consiglio’, the visitor could also enjoy today an exhibition devoted to the architect Mario Ridolfi – who participated in the above mentioned competition – and to his projects for the Chamber of Commerce and the Town Hall (all of them unbuilt).

Following are a few pictures of the Chamber of Commerce and of the beautiful ceramic ‘formelle’ (’tiles’) by Bruno Baratti representing ‘Arts and Crafts’ (we are particularly fond of the astronaut; especially Costanza who cheers for ‘Astrosamantha’ – the Italian austronaut Samantha Cristoforetti in the International Space Station).

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