San Terenzio: should I or should I not?


24 settembre 2015

Saint Terence - relics san Terenzio reliquie

Saint Terence – relics

The question today was: should I or should I not write about San Terenzio again? As a matter of fact, I wrote about our Patron Saint Day both last year and two years ago. I wrote about our romanesque cathedral – built on an area previously occupied by two early Christian basilicas – hosting the relics of Saint Terenzio (and about its unique mosaic floors dating back to the 4th – 6th centuries), I mentioned the beautiful Diocesan Museum right in front of the cathedral, I posted pictures of the holy procession taking place each year in the afternoon. So, I wondered, why should I write again about our Patron Saint Day?

Well, the answer was an easy one. I just had to go back to the reason why I started this blog: to help people around the world to get acquainted with ‘hidden treasures’ of Italy in the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, land of Gioachino Rossini and Raphael and, incidentally (!), my beloved homeland. In addition to that, I decided I would only write about my direct experiences (the ‘real’ Italy lived by a ‘real’ Italian). So, as I pay a visit every year to our Patron Saint in Pesaro Cathedral with my parents (grandpa Giorgio and grandma Lella) and with my daughter Costanza on Sept.24th, I decided to share with you again a few pictures of Sept. 24th taken today, last year and two years ago.

Saint Terence - relics san Terenzio reliquieThings change: today it’s a rainy September day, whereas last year the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Last year we called at Germano‘s – one of the most famous pastry-shops in town, whereas this year Germano is closed and, apparently, will never open again as the owners decided to retire. However, even though things change, my parents, my daughter and I still paid a visit to the Patron Saint on ‘San Terenzio’ Day, celebrated on Sept. 24th.

Saint Terence - relics san Terenzio reliquieI undersign again what I wrote once about this special day: the most beloved annual event by us Pesaresi never fails to give me a reassuring sense of continuity with the Past, making me feel a link in the chain of human history (overall human history and particular local history – the history of my grandparents so to speak) going from the year 247 A.D. (the year of the martyrdom of San Terenzio) up to Sept. 24th 2015.

Have a happy San Terenzio!

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