I Love Pu (rubrica di “tourist news”): An Italian Baroque Church ‘in the name of God’


25 novembre 2015

PESARO – Last Sunday we payed a visit to the beautiful Baroque church ‘Nel nome di Dio’ (‘In the name of God’) in Pesaro in order to attend a very peculiar concert. The concert was performed by the ‘Ensemble La Lauzeta’ – three musicians playing 14th century music on the Gothic harp, the ‘viella’ and the portable pipe organ – within the music festival organized by the Municipality of Pesaro to celebrate Santa Cecilia (the holy patron of musicians and singers).

As a matter of fact, Pesaro turned into a ‘music city’ between Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, when more than 40 musicians performed 33 concerts in 21 settings in the town centre. Maybe one day our amateur orchestra (where I’m murdering the violin) will be performing at this festival? Who knows? We did play once in the streets of Pesaro during the event ‘Strade in musica’ (‘music down the streets’) organized by my friend, Maestro Daniele Canu, violin maker in Pesaro. I loved to see people stopping by, shy at first, then getting closer to us, wondering what the heck we were doing playing in the middle of the street like that. I liked that ‘bewildered’ look of people walking by. I could tell they were wondering: ‘should I stop?’ Or ‘am I supposed to stop?’ And then again (being in Italy): ‘are they going to charge me if I stop?’

Anyway, most of the concerts performed for ‘2211 Santa Cecilia’ event were free. Walter, Costanza and I went back, as we did last year, to one of the most beautiful churches in town: the chiesa ‘Nel nome di Dio’, a peculiar example of Baroque style, built at the end of the 16th century by the confraternity of ‘the name of God’. The confraternity took care of the funerals of the poor and of the convicts; this is why you see many symbols of death decorating the church.

The wood ceiling coffer (1617 – 1619) with large canvas is the work of the scenographer Giovanni Cortese, whereas the paintings are by Giovan Giacomo Pandolfi (1567 – after 1636) a painter from Pesaro, member of the confraternity, who was apparently Simone Cantarini’s master. The wall painting are also by Pandolfi in collaboration with Niccolò Sabbatini, a scenographer who had previously worked for the Della Rovere family and designed the old Teatro del Sole (Theatre of the Sun) – today ‘Rossini theatre’.

I wish musical initiatives like that were more frequent in Italy. It is nice to see the so-called ‘classical music’ played outside the ‘sacred music temples’ 😉

I remember seeing quite often musicians playing in the streets while in Germany. Conservatory students but also amateur musicians used to ‘offer’ their music to people passing by.  In Italy however, no professional (nor amateur for that matter) musician would perform in the streets. That would look inappropriate and cheap 😉

To me it is great generous thing to do. What do you think?

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