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Frontino spaventapasseri

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): The most bizarre museum is in Frontino

10 maggio 2017

FRONTINO – I could while away the hours, conferrin’ with the flowers Consultin’ with the rain. And my head I’d be […]

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img_20170316_111143 2

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’). Mausoleo dei Duchi: Caught in a Renaissance landscape

21 marzo 2017

URBINO – On my way to my first visit to an excellent winery of the Urbino area – which turned […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Carnival Parade: a must-see while in Italy!

27 febbraio 2017

PESARO – While in Italy during Carnevale, you should try to attend at least one Carnival Parade. Of course, if […]

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Bracciatelli (traditional ring-shaped cakes with anise seeds)

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Sant’Antonio and his ‘donuts’

17 gennaio 2017

PESARO – There are only 2 days out of 365 when you can buy (and consequently eat!) ‘bracciatelli’ in Pesaro: on […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Arched windows on my way

13 gennaio 2017

PESARO – Weren’t we wishing just the other day to live ‘an unplanned life full of unexpected gifts’? Well, in Italy we […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Made-in-Italy Christmas Candles and… Scottish Bagpipes

1 dicembre 2016

CANDELARA (Pesaro) – I already wrote last year about the lovely Christmas Market taking place in central Italy (Candelara), mostly […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): An Italian country churchyard on ‘All Souls’ Day’

4 novembre 2016

GINESTRETO (Pesaro) – Isn’t there a reassuring feeling in country churchyards? This morning I went to Ginestreto cemetery with my […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di tourist news): Italian landscapes in Fall

31 ottobre 2016

PESARO – I just searched for ‘Autumn foliage 2016’ on Google and I got some 17.700.000 results😉 However, I cannot but […]

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Frecce Tricolori

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Italy’s aerobatic team ‘Tricolor Arrows’ performing across Pesaro sky

2 agosto 2016

PESARO – When I heard about the ‘Frecce Tricolori’ (lit. ‘Tricolor Arrows’) coming to Pesaro this Summer I could hardly […]

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img_20160716_165359 2

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Views on Italy from a peculiar perspective!

19 luglio 2016

PESARO – The following pictures won’t be among the best shots I ever took of my home town Pesaro. And yet […]

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img_2938 2

I LOVE PU (Rubrica di ‘tourist news’): American journalism student interviews violin maker in Pesaro

13 luglio 2016

PESARO – I was very happy (and flattered too!) when Bridgette R. W. contacted me via Facebook telling me that […]

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img_1627 2

I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Festa del Porto, a traditional harbor feast on the Adriatic coast

6 luglio 2016

PESARO – Summer has officially started! To us Pesaresi Summer does not start on June 21st. It starts on the first Sunday […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Europa Street Food Festival

27 giugno 2016

PESARO – Hi guys. First of all I’m sorry for  not posting recently but you know how it works when […]

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