I LOVE PESARO: When hand made violins turn into visual art works


6 agosto 2014

“I love PU” is a section written entirely in English and dedicated to foreign tourists, where you will find short report on appointments, events, history, people, culture, sport and curiosity of our beautiful territory: the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Questa è una sezione interamente scritta in inglese e dedicata ai turisti stranieri dove, all’interno, troverete delle “pillole” informative su appuntamenti, eventi, storia, personaggi, cultura, sport e curiosità del nostro splendido territorio: la provincia di Pesaro e Urbino.

When hand made violins turn into visual art works


I still cannot believe it that I will be able to play on one of Ezia Di Labio’s wonderful violins on Friday! When my friend Daniele, violin maker in Pesaro, told me that her friend Ezia Di Labio was going to lend our orchestra her instruments for the concert scheduled on Friday 8th, I nearly fainted! 21 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos turned into visual art works by poets, painters, composers, philosophers, doctors. Each artist could freely express himself/herself, making the instrument a unique piece of art, without altering its beautiful sound, The violin exhibition is open until Aug. 17th, from 5.30 to 11.00 pm, at the former ‘Cubo’ in Pesaro, right in front of the music conservatory in Pedrotti street.




The violin I will be playing (it was love at first sight – or I should say – at first ‘playing’) was decorated by a German artist, Greta Schödl, who – deriving her inspiration from the violin’s name ‘Aurora’ (Sunset, in Italian also a proper name) – wrote ‘Aurora’s sound’ in German all over the instrument using indian ink and golden resin. Many are the famous artists that Ezia involved in the project: Emanuele Luzzati, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Bruno Bozzetto, Tonino Guerra, Lina Sastri and many more. If you want to see quite a few of them playing together, you won’t miss the concert on Aug. 8th at 7 pm. One hour before the concert Ezia will be glad to take guests on a guided tour through the extraordinary exhibition.

If you do visit the exhibition, you had better stop at Daniele Canu‘s violin laboratory as well (one minute away from Ezia’s violins), in Sabbatini street, in front of the music conservatory. You will be able to admire his beautiful instruments, and actually try them if you play!, in his music laboratory, and you can also visit his unique string instrument museum!

Following a few pictures of Ezia’s instruments I took last week. Enjoy the pictures but – if you get a chance – go and visit the exhibition!

GALLERY: http://wherelemonsblossom.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/when-hand-made-violins-turn-into-visual-art-works/

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