Flaminia Bay


19 agosto 2014

Being Pesaro a ‘Summer seaside resort’, our town turns into a lively place in the Summer time, especially in August when tourists come from all over the world to attend ROF, Rossini Opera Festival (for those not following my blog let me remind you that the so called ‘Swan of Pesaro’, Gioachino Rossini, was born here in 1792).

But there is one Pesaro neighbourhood that completely reinvents itself during the Summer and turns into a ‘children paradise': Baia Flaminia or, in English, Flaminia Bay.

On Tuesdays, many are the reasons why you should take your kids to piazza Europa (Europe square) in the evening: magicians at work, children tales interpreted by actors (two weeks ago we happened to be there for a hilarious performance of ‘Puss in Boots’… one of our daughter’s favourite tales!), baby dance, ‘truccabimbi’ (children make up artistis who will turn your children into butterflies, tigers, ladybugs, fairies, mice), tightrope walkers and much more. For instance, two days ago, while I was dining out with friends, Walter took our daughter to Baia Flaminia where she gained a diploma of ‘Junior Firefighter’ at ‘Pompieropoli’, something sounding in English like ‘Firefighterburg’. She had to slide down along a pole, walk on a moving plank, climb a staircase and –  finally – the ‘grand final': the taming of a real fire using a hydrant! Everything was done, needless to say, under the supervision of an adult firefighter, but the fun of wearing a firefighter helmet and jacket was a unique experience for our 5-year-old daughter! In the nearby ‘Campo di Marte’ or ‘Piazza d’Armi’ (‘Mars Field’ or ‘Arms Square’ – I think the place derives its name from the fact that soldiers used to go there to practise shooting when Pesaro still hosted recruits to be trained… nowadays the 28th Pavia Regiment has turned into an operative communication center) you will find what we call in Italy a ‘Luna Park’ (amusement park) where our daughter Costanza, last night, jumped for over half an hour on bouncy floors.

Many are the restaurants, bars, ice-cream shops, ‘osterie’ and ‘pizzerie’ you find one next to the other in the adjoining streets. Last night our family went to dine in a fish and chip shop (actually it’s much more than simply fish and chip!) and we had fried squid and shrimps (in the picture below you’ll see Walter and my sister Cristina ordering our meal).

In the picture gallery you’ll also see the neighbourhood library (small but well provided with books), the sign of the ‘furniture makers’ club’ (Pesaro, before the severe economic crisis, was known in Italy for its furniture district… the first 3 more important kitchen producers in Italy were from Pesaro industrial district), and a beautiful sunset under the ‘San Bartolo’ mount, being Pesaro enclosed by two hills (San Bartolo in the north and Ardizio in the south). San Bartolo is a natural park (1600 hectares) hosting natural and cultural treasures (before Summer is over I am planning to devote a post to it).

In the meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the following picture gallery!

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