Pesaro by night (better if on Thursdays!)


22 agosto 2014

Whereas Baia Flaminia (Pesaro neighbourhood between the ‘harbour’ and the ‘San Bartolo hill’ I wrote about in my last post) turns into the liveliest place on Tuesday nights, the city center glows with lights, music, open shops and initiatives on Thursday nights. Shop-keepers downtown organize the event ‘Sotto le stelle’ (‘Under the stars’), moving their shops, or bars or restaurants, to the street floor. No matter where you go, in the ancient part of the city center (which, for us, tallies with the first Roman settlement, i.e. the area where the main Roman streets named cardo and decumanus crossed, today via Branca – via Rossini and via San Francesco – Corso XI Settembre) you’ll be able to shop directly on the streets while live music will entertain you. On Thursday last Where Lemons Blossom complete staff (plus auntie Chicca) went downtown to take a few pictures (we ended up buying a few items on sale…  how could we resist the temptation being our staff made up of three girls and just one man?).

We started our tour in Piazza del Popolo (People square) where our daughter Costanza had her ice cream cup (biscuit flavour) at Yuri ice-cream shop (one of the best in town). Then we walked along via Branca, heading towards the Rossini theatre (I think I already mentioned that the ‘Rossini Opera Festival’ will be on until Aug 22nd). On our way, in front of the Music Conservatory and beside the violin exhibition of violin maker  Ezia Di Labio, we came across Daniele Canu, our violin maker friend, who invited us to drink a glass of wine inside the exhibition of his friend Ezia. We accepted gladly and, once inside,  I took the picture of three violins I could not photograph last time I got in there (because violin players were playing them). My two favourite works are the violin decorated by Tonino Guerra and Emanuele Luzzati (in the pictures below). We said ‘goodbye’ to Ezia  who will go back to her city, Bologna, on Aug 18th and I thanked her again for letting our orchestra (Sabbatini orchestra) play on her instruments on Aug 8th. Then we stopped at Baldelli’s – a music shop in Almerici street I’m fond of (that’s where I buy most of my scores and where my parents got me a piano when I was 10) and we finally headed to the Rossini theatre. On our way we stopped again in front of a chocolate shop where an accordion player was playing the ‘Curella De Vil’ them from Disney’s ‘101 Dalmatians’ (to Costanza’s delight) before, finally, ending our ‘Pesaro by night’ tour in piazza Lazzarini (Lazzarini square) with the notes palyed by a viola da gamba.


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