St. Francis Flower Fair


6 ottobre 2014

Where Lemons Blossom attended the 60th edition of St. Francis Flower Fair in Pesaro last Saturday. The Fair, one of our favourite ‘family rites’, takes place every year on St. Francis Day – the Patron Saint of Italy – which is celebrated on October 4th. Piazza del Popolo (People Square) is flooded with flowers, colors and perfums on the occasion, and we Pesaresi like to buy a ‘traditional’ plant to place in our garden or balcony (mainly cyclamens, water-retaining plants or aromatic plants): it gives us the illusion that Summer is still around!

The Fair is a perfect place to buy honey and honey-based products as well, besides earthenware jars. Local honey producers display honey-based soaps, honey jars (sunflower, coriander or acacia honey, besides a variety we call ‘millefiori’ – literally ‘a thousand flowers’ – basically a mix of local flowers), honey cough syrup, bee pollen (excellent energizer) and royal jelly.

In the picture gallery below you’ll see Walter, our ‘food and wine guy’, tasting all kinds of honey (he did buy coriander honey and bee pollen in the end!) and myself buying little pink cyclamens (keeping thePesarese tradition going on!).  Beautfiul shots of the Ducal Palace, Palazzo Baviera and the Post Office are also worth a view!

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