I LOVE PU, ‘Arco Sonoro’ featuring Music Tales for children (and grown-ups too!)


25 novembre 2014

I love PU is a section written entirely in English and dedicated to foreign tourists, where you will find short report on appointments, events, history, people, culture, sport and curiosity of our beautiful territory: the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Questa è una sezione di pu24.it interamente scritta in inglese e dedicata ai turisti stranieri dove, all’interno, troverete delle “pillole” informative su appuntamenti, eventi, storia, personaggi, cultura, sport e curiosità del nostro splendido territorio: la provincia di Pesaro e Urbino.


PESARO – Last Sunday, just one day after that beautiful musical initiative I blogged about (Santa Cecilia Street), Walter and I took Costanza to another music event at ‘Arco Sonoro’, the unusual and amazing String Instrument Museum in via Sabbatini (Pesaro). The Museum – which incidentally happens to be the place where my friends musicians and I gather to play on Tuesdays (lucky me, huh?) – is the ‘musical heart’ of Pesaro, as it is in front of the Music Conservatory entitled to the composer Gioachino Rossini (the ‘Swan of Pesaro’) who, incidentally 2, was born in this town on Feb. 29th 1792.

Why is this museum ‘unusual’? Well, first of all it is very far from the idea we have of museums, especially when visiting with our kids: ‘don’t touch!’, ‘don’t talk loud’, ‘don’t run’, ‘don’t sit on the floor’, etc. (ad libitum). This museum is more of an ‘upside down’ museum: you can talk and ask questions (you’re invited to do so), you can touch instruments and try them (under the supervision of an adult, of course, as the instruments are handmade and pretty valuable!). And, on Sundays, children and parents are particularly welcome to attend the performances ‘Fiabe in Musica’ (Music Tales) where a narrator tells a story and different instruments comment on the story itself interpreting characters and situations.

Walter and Costanza never miss a music tale; last Sunday I decided to go with them. The pièce, commented by two bassons, was about a little tailor and his misadventures. Very enjoyable, indeed. In the end children had the opportunity (each time they do) to try out the instrument and to learn more about it (one of the musicians even played the double bassoon!).

The Museum is a creation of M° Daniele Canu, violin maker in Pesaro, who works in the most fascinating laboratory I’ve ever visited just adjoining the museum. If you ever get a chance go and visit Daniele’s laboratory and, of course, the nearby String Instrument Museum.



More info about future events:

danielecanu.it laboratoriocanu@libero.it

via Sabbatini 13 61121 Pesaro

Tel. 0721.32273 – 338.8080136

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