I love Pu: Cappelletti di Natale (Christmas Cappelletti)


24 dicembre 2014

“I love PU” is a section written entirely in English and dedicated to foreign tourists, where you will find short report on appointments, events, history, people, culture, sport and curiosity of our beautiful territory: the province of Pesaro and Urbino.

Questa è una sezione interamente scritta in inglese e dedicata ai turisti stranieri dove, all’interno, troverete delle “pillole” informative su appuntamenti, eventi, storia, personaggi, cultura, sport e curiosità del nostro splendido territorio: la provincia di Pesaro e Urbino.


I love Pu: Cappelletti di Natale (Christmas Cappelletti)

If you thought that 400 different kinds of cheeses was a daunting variety, you should be aware that almost every household has its own recipe for tomato sauce. Sometimes differences are almost inconsequential (My mother, for instance, prescribes the use of a wooden kitchen spoon in place of a steel one). Other times recipe details are absolutely defining, and defended with vehemence until some one announces that the meal is served and both sides proceed to eat like there’s no tomorrow, one side happily and the other grudgingly so.

All this to say that what we’ll be describing is only a recipe for cappelletti, for the rather simple reason that there is none such thing as the recipe.

This particular recipe is excellent, anyway and, being Simona’s mom’s own, is especially close to our hearts. To us, it is the taste of Christmas. Let’s go.

Apron-to-dish: 2 hours; SoHo time: 2 hours.

pasta for 8 servings:

a 500g-flour, 5-egg pasta dough (we’ll give you the recipe later)
filling for 8 servings:

5 whole eggs
200g grated parmesan
one whole breast of chicken
150g pork fillet
150g lean veal
150g chopped beef
one mid-size onion
Chop all the meats and put in a casserole with an adequate amount of butter, and the sliced onion. Cook on low heat until light brown. Then toss in a mixer with the eggs, add salt, grated pepper, grated nutmeg and a zest of lemon. Mix very, very thinly. You want a mix that sticks together when pressed between your fingers.

Prepare the pasta dough.

Now the fun part begins. Enlist (voluntarily, of course) all adults, young adults, teens and kids you have around. A proper cappelletti-making session must involve the entire enlarged family. And yes, kids are necessary for ensuring the proper level of entropy (and for eating raw cappelletti under the table –in a cappelletti-making session age groups are identified by their level of dexterity in grabbing and gnawing raw cappelletti without being caught).

Assign the roles:

the most expert person will have to roll the dough at the appropriate thickness (1mm or less, between 7/64 of an inch, just to keep things simple (*grin*). The whatever the unit, the correct thickness allows you to see through


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