I love PU: A Christmas market in Candelara


3 dicembre 2015

candeleI don’t know about you but the older I get the more selective I get. I mean, I am really becoming ‘picky’ on a lot of things. Just to mention one thing: as I care about what I eat, thanks to Walter I spend now more time reading package labels than reading a newspaper (!). I also tend to be more selective on people too (please don’t misunderstand me: it’s just that relations and friendships mean so much to me that I don’t want to allow any ‘unhealthy’ relationship to interfere with my life anymore). And, at this time of the year, with Christmas approaching, I’m becoming very picky on Christmas markets too!

It may sound silly. However, I don’t know how many Christmas markets there are where you live but in Italy each little medieval village, each town, each neighbourhood (!) must have its own Christmas market (we also have open air live nativity scenes, all kinds of crib exhibitions, not to mention the numberless Christmas food events!). I don’t have anything against Christmas decorationsmade-in-China, but they are just so depressing. This is why when my sister Cristina asked me to help her out with LaDirce project in Candelara last week-end, I was happy to say ‘YAY!’

First of all my favourite church in the surroundings of Pesaro, the beautiful Pieve di Santo Stefano dating back to the 6th/7th century (where our daughter was baptized) is in Candelara. Second, the little village (Candelara isvery little indeed) is very typical, as the ‘castello’ is surrounded by medieval walls. Needless to say that the sunset from the village walls, facing the hilly landscape towards the hinterland, is a breathtaking view both in the lazy reddish Summer light and on Fall foggy days as today.

Going back to Christmas markets (I always get a little bit carried away when it comes to describe ‘this magic corner of Italy’), the one taking place in Candelara during the event ‘Candles in Candelara’ is one of my favourite. First of all, you mainly find candles (which I adore): beeswax candles, scented candles (LaDirce introduced caramel and cappuccino-scented candles at the event), lavender candles, Christmas candles (Santa Claus or snow-man shaped), candles made with pressed flowers or fruit (mostly oranges) and any kind of candles you can think of.

What about you? Which is your favourite Christmas market?

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