I love PU: Pesaro, the only Adriatic town where the sun sets on the sea


5 dicembre 2015

Un tramonto di Pesaro

Un tramonto di Pesaro

I’ve been living in Pesaro for (almost) all my life and I’ve just come to know that my home town seems to be the only town of the Adriatic sea where the sun rises and sets on the sea.

How is that possible? Haven’t we all learned that the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west? Well, I have enjoyed more than a red sun sinking into the sea in Pesaro; yet it never occurred to me that this natural phenomenon apparentely defies all laws of cardinal directions!

Well. I got some information and it turned out that in the Summertime the sun in Pesaro sets on the sea because in the Summer the sun sets at North-West.

The pictures I am sharing with you today – believe it or not – have not been altered in any way. I just took them a couple of days ago in the supermarket’s parking place in Pesaro. No sunset on the sea. Just one of those blissful moments in life when an ordinary activity (going to the supermarket) turns into magic.

That’s Italy,  and that’s Pesaro. And that’s life – always ready to take us aback.

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  1. Roberto Forlani scrive:

    It isn’t exact because someone tell me that the same happen in the town of Ancona (i hope that my English is right). Goodbye.

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