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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Fairy tales in music

martedì, marzo 15th, 2016

PESARO – Do you share Nietzsche’s opinion that ‘without music, life would be a mistake’? I do and I’ve tried […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Adriatic Beach, Ancient History: Fano, Italy

lunedì, marzo 7th, 2016

FANO – Today I would like to share with you a beautiful, passionate post on Fano by Brad Nixon, an […]

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Happy Birthday Gioachino Rossini! Gli auguri al ‘maestro’ di I LOVE PU

lunedì, febbraio 29th, 2016

PESARO – Give me the laundress’ bill and I will even set that to music (Gioachino Rossini) Can you imagine […]

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I love Pu (rubrica di ‘tourist news’): Early Spring

martedì, febbraio 23rd, 2016

PESARO – I don’t know about where you live but here in Pesaro Spring has arrived sooner than expected. Actually, […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di ‘Tourist News’): The castle (or the ‘Art Ark’) of Sassocorvaro

venerdì, febbraio 19th, 2016

SASSOCORVARO – The castle you see on the right is the ‘Rocca’ of the Italian village Sassocorvaro (in the province of […]

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I Love Pu (rubrica di “tourist news”): Carnival Parade

martedì, febbraio 9th, 2016

PESARO – Ok, let’s put it straight: the Carnival Parade in my hometown has nothing to share with the splendour […]

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I LOVE PU (rubrica di “tourist news”): The (unexpected) divination power of onions

martedì, febbraio 2nd, 2016

URBANIA – I think we all know that real knowledge and popular wisdom walk hand by hand. And the traditional rite […]

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Jewish Cemetery on San Bartolo hill in Pesaro

I LOVE PU: January 27th – International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Rubrica Pu24 in lingua inglese)

martedì, gennaio 26th, 2016

L’Olocausto è una pagina del libro dell’Umanità da cui non dovremo mai togliere il segnalibro della memoria. (Primo Levi). Italian […]

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I Love Pu: Cosa pensi se dico: Italia? Puntata speciale della rubrica dedicata ai turisti stranieri

martedì, gennaio 19th, 2016

Cos’è che fa ‘italiano’ all’estero? L’abbiamo chiesto così, casualmente, ai lettori di Where Lemons Blossom nel post dedicato a Montefabbri […]

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I LOVE PU – Montefabbri: come and experience the ‘real’ Italy in this hilltop village. Altra puntata della rubrica di Pu24 dedicata ai turisti stranieri

lunedì, gennaio 18th, 2016

VALLEFOGLIA – When I say ‘Italy’, what is it exactly that you think of? That is the question I asked a […]

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Valentino Rossi

“Valentino Rossi is my neighbour”: nuova puntata della rubrica per stranieri “I love PU”

giovedì, gennaio 14th, 2016

Ok. I cheated. Valentino Rossi, one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time with nine Grand Prix World […]

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I love PU: Smartphone for “dummies” at San Giovanni library

lunedì, gennaio 11th, 2016

Hello guys. And Happy New Year too! Sorry for not writing in such a long time (my God, a month […]

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Pesaresi ice-skating in the main square

I love PU: Pesaro on ice (rubrica di “tourist news”)

lunedì, dicembre 14th, 2015

PESARO – A clumsy bear. That was me last week-end trying to ice-skate in Pesaro! Well, of course I looked […]

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